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Prior to me entering this semester, I thought a lot about my future and what it would be like.  I never would have thought that the digital world can have such an effect on me.  All these new technologies that are coming about was amazing to me and kept me in awe.  However if i thought about it  critically, i should of realized things much sooner.  Many different “Distractions” that happen everday that no one every knows goes on while we keep to these distractions on an everyday basis.  These distractions can be anything from NFL Draft, to the daily news, to even the fun party nights coming up.  Anything to take us away from the real world and bring us to this other world where we can see things the way we want too.

“Eatting that steak” was from the movie matrix and its true if you think about.  Instead of being in the real world and going through hell, wouldnt you rather enjoy that lovely succulent piece of steak?  I know i would, but like i was talking about earlier, its all about the distractions to keep us happy and full.  If its one thing that i learned this past semester which really opened up my eyes of the world, it would be that i need to be aware of whats really happening.  Sooner or later humans will be taken over by machines or zombies or whatever because of the awareness being at an all time low and letting the people run the world they want to and all they gotta do is throw us a nice T-Bone Steak to keep us happy.

Thanks for reading each of my blogs whether is was good or bad, had a bunch of grammtical and spelling errors, or because you had too.  This class on digital america was by far the most interesting and eye opening classes i have taken throughout my career as a student.  One last thing is that i just want everyone to be aware of the many things that can plague us during our lifetime which is our awareness of the real world and what is really going on.  Thanks again!!!



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Facebook: the new monopoly

So after our instagram chat the other day in class and how facebook decided to buy it, i sat back and thought about why would facebook buy instagram which was only 2 years old.  Then I realized that the internet is slowly becoming more like an industry that you can make money off of.  YEah im a little late on the whole making money on the internet thing, but seriously what other social media thing is out there that is gonna stop this giant?  Its like any company trying to make the iPod look foolish with their new technology.  But seriously, Facebook is slowly becoming a power house and force to be reckond with.  I was on facebook the other day and realized that they have all these different companies that are running their apps on Facebook.  Games, media, and other things that they can do to get themselve out there as long as you run an ad these people get paid.  I thought about why hasnt facebook bought twitter yet or any other type of social media for that reason (Friendster haha).

Sooner or later businesses will be running online and some laws must be made to keep order.  Facebook is one of these companies that can possibly lead us into the future but at the same time can cause many problems for us as well.  While social media can and will help all of us “connect” to each other, i feel that many FAcebook corporation will become something that might just lead us into business hell.

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Videos on the web

The other day I was on Facebook just browsing through some peoples pages and i realized that a lot of people were posting up videos of random things.  I know this has been going on for years (youtube, myspace, etc) but people taking videos of themselves for about a 30 sec clip is just bizzarre.  This program is called Viddy which lets you post short quick videos of anything you want.  Ive seen some pretty cool videos using this program and saw some really bad videos of people trying to pretend to be MMA fighters.

What is this world coming to these days?!  I mean social media is a form of expression i guess but when people start to troll the media especially my beloved facebook with all these weird videos then I dont know if anything is gonna be safe anymore.  Other applications like social cam allows you to post longer videos and people are just posting some dumb random crap to get there 15 mins of fame.  I am not too sure why people are doing this but i feel like the more i watch stupid videos the less intelligent i feel.  The other day i watched a video of Crip Fights male and female and it was just the most stupidest thing in the world.  I think it was fake altough the guy was bleeding from his mouth, but still the point is that people are just trolling with videos.  Yeah i like to watch some dumb random stuff happen, but seriously CRip gang fights?! What is the world coming to now days.  I guess people are just trying to get rich quick and make a name for themselves…

Chocolate Sunday

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My predictions

On the final day on instruction for my Digital America class we watched a short clip made in the early 2000’s about what would happen in the future due to the technological advancements.  This video featured many different sites that were all intertwined with the internet search engine called “Google”.  This video gave the a prediction of what would happen and how everything was going to pan out.  However, this prediction came out false with other groups in the industry making a rise.  Although they did release a video of a new prediction a few years later, it was still in accurate to where they forgot about several other giants that are in the same league as Google.  One of these giants is Apple corporation.  Apple is one the biggest businesses in this industry and is slowly setting the bar for many things in the years to come.  The iPod was a new revolutionary mp3 player that allowed you to store massive amounts of data.  Then the iPhone came out which was a very sophisticated device of touch screen, phone, and music player all into one.  Now they have the iPad which is a tablet you can do almost anything on at anywhere or anytime.  Apple is always trying to find new ways of setting the bar in the industry.  Many other companies have tried to follow their path and create items like Apple has.  This copies of the actually thing is also very popular because Apple charges more for the same thing you can get for the other brand.

Even though this video supported Google by having them slowly taking over the world, its funny how such a simple programming search engine like Google.com can exploit the world and find entertainment for those who seek.  They have a “Im Feeling Lucky” button which you can click and it will randomly search for you something interesting for you do read or look up on.  I recently went to try it out and it gave me “Doodles”.  What happened next was it displayed a lot of “doodles” from 2012 of google.com and other things that have “Doodles” in them.  Such a simple easy to use search engine can be very dangerous as well.  You can find uploaded pictures of you via internet as well.  Photos you might not possibly known that existed can be floating around the web for billions to view.  By entering a simple telephone number, you can find the exact loaction of where the land line phone (what’s that?!) is located.  While google can be useful, it can also be just as dangerous because at any given momment you can traced on what you do.


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Ever since the release of the iphone in 2007, it has revolutioned the phone industry in many ways.  This technology was the very first of its kind.  Yes there was other phones that you could store music on and play games plus browse the internet, but what was cool about the iPhone was that it had a touch screen and a massive amount of memory to store your files.  I had a Sony Ericson phone at the time and I thought it was the coolest thing ever because it had everything i needed in a phone (music, games, internet browsing, a cool way to open it), but when the iPhone was released, it made all other phones obselite.  How did the iPhone revolutionized the industry?  Well it was a super phone that did everything and there wasnt too many things you could say against it.

The iPod was a new mp3 player that could hold massive amounts of music and you could personalize each playlist as well with iTunes.  The iPod was a hot item at the time and Apple went one step further to combine 2 seperate industries into one big device.  I have an iPod and an iPhone and I think its funny how i never touch my iPod in almost 2 years and only use my iPhone for music.  In a sense, the iPhone destroyed the phone industry as well as the music player industry (I dont know what industry its called).  This one simple yet elegant device ripped apart 2 industries over night is something we need to pay attention too.

With this personalization of the iPod with the phone capabilities created the iPhone.  Apple could now control the market in so many different ways.  With apps that could be downloaded, no one could attempt to touch the iPhone or at least amast to anything of its greatness.  This phone controls and dictated a path to how society will be 20 years down the road.  Think about how many people have iPhones and what they do with it.  Old and young people have iPhones and even children have it too.  These phones are so good that its scary to think about what its true potential could be.  We might not even need teachers in the education system anymore cause iPhone apps could just teach us what we want to know.  I would talk about iPads but thats just a whole different topic haha.  You think that with new technology we would be a more sophisticated society, however with this new technology I think we have become a society of less interaction with each other and are being controlled by this device.

South Park human centipad…





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Real Steel

So i just finished a movie that i have dying to watch called “Real Steel”.  This movie is about robots that fight each other using the method of boxing.  The story is about a father whose life is in shammbles and is always overconfident in himself until he meets his son who he has never seen since birth.  As the story goes on, the son gives the father courage to face his fears and learn to respect himself.  While this is a good movie to watch i wanted to talk about the robot fighting.  The humans were replaced by these robots so that they can fight to the death in the ring rather than humans killing each other over it.  In a sense this is almost a galdiator type of arena where only the strong will survive.  the setting for this movie is in America sometime around 2020-2030.  This timeline is almost here i mean its litterally only 8 years away!!!  Its kind of cool to think that this type of technology is right around the corner.  The human fighting aspect is completely lost (well to most people) and this is more like a video game than an actual life or death matter.

I thought about this movie and how something like this can impact on how we think.  WHile the fighting is just pure entertainment, i believe that life or death aspect is what the movie is really talking about.  Going through life experiences is one thing that everyone must go through and fighting for your life or someone elses is a valid reason for living.  While these robots are controlled by someone, the controller playing this game really doesnt get the whole picture of life.  This type of techonology would be good because it provides us with entertainment for years to come.

Remember battlebots on comedy central?  Well if not watch this clip…

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Kara Android

A while back we watched in class this clip about this game/CGI where the narrator creates this android called Kara.  This android looks and sounds like a women with some feminine features as well and also this android can do anything physically and sexually.  The cool thing about this is that this video looks so life like and it can quite possible happen sometime in the next 20 years.  I think its funny how one mistake in the programming and she automatically develops feelings and has human like responses as well.  She also questions her exsistance and why she was being made.  After she questions it, the creator breaks her down and dissasembles her and she pleads for her life to want to stay alive.  After pleading with the creator, she gets her wish granted and promises to stay in line and wont be a hassle.

After watching this i first thought about how patriarchal our societies have become and now how women have become an accessory in life rather than an treated like an actual human.  If androids like this are created, I feel that our species will cease to exist because everyone will be too involved with these androids whether physically or sexually or both.  I mean yes this may help with human trafficking in other countries and can replace actual women with these androids, but in countries where human trafficking isnt big, i think that their nation will start to decline.  If these androids start to act like how the one on the video started too, then i can forsee androids taking over the world.  If you think zombies are bad, just wait till androids start to take over.  But hey at least we have several years to perfect this right?

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